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What Is the Phone Number Format of Singapore?

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Singapore has one of the simplest phone number format in the world. Because it's a city-state (meaning the entire city is the entire country), there is no such thing as an area code whatsoever.

What Is the Phone Number Format of Singapore?
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Singapore Phone Number Format

Singapore's country code is +65, followed by a series of 8-digit number. Here is how the format looks:


  • When contacting a Singaporean phone number internationally from outside Singapore, you will have to add +65 in front of the phone number.

  • Adding +65 isn't necessary if you are contacting a Singapore number domestically from within Singapore with a Singapore phone number, though you can still add it or save your numbers with it if you want to (there is no practical difference).

Also, the first digit of Singaporean phone numbers tells you what kind of number it is. Below are some more information regarding this.

Singapore Phone Numbers Starting with 6

If a phone number begins with a 6 (such as 6xxx-xxxx), it is not a mobile phone number, but rather a landline number from either a residential or business address. 

Singapore Phone Numbers Starting with 8 or 9

Numbers in Singapore that begin with an 8 or 9, such as in 8xxx-xxxx or 9xxx-xxxx are usually mobile phone numbers.

Singapore Phone Numbers Starting with 3

Phone numbers starting with 3 in Singapore are virtual phone numbers.

These are "internet numbers", also known as VoIP numbers (Voice over Internet Protocol) that almost anyone from around the world can purchase online, typically for calling purposes (they usually cost less than international roaming charges.

Calls from local Singapore phone numbers to these Singaporean VoiP numbers will be treated as a domestic phone call (not international), regardless of where the caller or recipient is located.

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