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What Is the Address Format of Singapore?

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Generally, there are two address formats in Singapore: One for buildings, and another for landed properties.

What Is the Address Format of Singapore?
Featured article photo: Singapore HDB by Andrew Haha Lee (Unsplash License)

1. Address for Buildings

The majority of housing as well as business offices in Singapore are in high-rise buildings, and they all share the same address format.

[Block Number] [Street Name]
#[Unit Level]-[Unit No.] [Building Name]
Singapore [Postal Code]

For example:

101 Marlow Street
#12-05 Clife Parkview
Singapore 059020

The above example refers to a unit located on 101 Marlow Street in a building named "Clife Parkview", at level 12 with unit number 05. (All example addresses in this post are dummy addresses.)

Also, note that Singapore uses a 6-digit-number postal code.

Omitting a Building Name

From my personal experience, omitting building name in a Singapore address will not have a major impact on mail deliverability.

Not all buildings in Singapore have a building name, and it is acceptable to format an address as follows:

101 Marlow Street #12-05
Singapore 059020

2. Address for Landed Properties

In Singapore, detached homes or bungalows are often called landed properties.

Because there is no unit level, unit number, and building name, the second line from the address template shown previously can be omitted completely:

[Unit Number] [Street Name]
Singapore [Postal Code]

For example:

60 Aria Street
Singapore 602580

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