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3 Ways to Say You're Welcome in Indonesian

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3 Ways to Say You're Welcome in Indonesian
Featured article photo: Pesanggaran, Kabupaten Banyuwangi, Jawa Timur, Indonesia by Hugo Matilla

1. Sama-sama → You’re Welcome

(Formal and Informal)

The most common way to respond to a “Thank you” in Indonesian is sama-sama, which is equivalent to “You're welcome” in English. This phrase works in both formal and informal settings.

2. Terima kasih kembali → You’re Welcome


Terima kasih kembali is a little odd if translated literally in English, it means “Thank you in return.” So basically, someone thanks you, and by saying this, you thank them back.

It is a figure of speech, and people use it sometimes in formal settings. If you don't really get this, stick to sama-sama instead.

3. Nggak pa-pa → No prob, No problem


Nggak pa-pa is an abbreviated, informal way of saying “No problem,” or rather "No prob." The non-abbreviated informal form is nggak apa-apa and the standard formal form is tidak apa-apa, which isn’t typically used in everyday settings.

4. Gpp → Np


You know how in English sometimes people text Np to mean "No problem"? In Indonesian, the equivalent to this would be Gpp, the abbreviated form of Nggak pa-pa.

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