Months of the Year in Indonesian

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Did you know? Nine out of twelve months in Indonesian are written the same way in Dutch.

Months of the Year in Indonesian
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If you are fluent in Dutch, you can basically skip this lesson. All the months in Indonesian are written EXACTLY the same way in Dutch, the only 3 minor exceptions being:

  • maart in Dutch is Maret in Indonesian
  • augustus in Dutch is Agustus in Indonesian
  • december in Dutch is Desember in Indonesian

The rest of the months in Indonesian and Dutch have the exact same spelling.

But do note that unlike in Dutch, all months in Indonesian must be capitalized. So Dutchies, off you go, you can move on now to the next lessons.

Months of the year in Indonesian aren't all that different from English either. Just pay attention to the spelling.

Months of the Year in Indonesian

  1. Januari
  2. Februari
  3. Maret
  4. April
  5. Mei
  6. Juni
  7. Juli
  8. Agustus
  9. September
  10. Oktober
  11. November
  12. Desember

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