Days of the Week in Indonesian

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Unlike English, where days of the week are named after the gods and goddesses from ancient Germanic, Norse, and Roman cultures, the names of the days in Indonesian are derived from numbers in the Arabic language, with a mix of Hebrew and Portuguese influences.

Days of the Week in Indonesian
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The five days from Senin (Monday) to Jumat (Friday) in Indonesian are correspondingly derived from the five numbers: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 in Arabic. 

Sabtu (Saturday) is also derived from the Arabic word as-sabt, though this is originally a loanword from the Hebrew word sabat which means “to end, to rest”.

The word Minggu (Sunday), was derived from the Portuguese word Domingo.

Here are the seven days of the week in Indonesian:

  1. Senin (Monday)
  2. Selasa (Tuesday)
  3. Rabu (Wednesday)
  4. Kamis (Thursday)
  5. Jumat (Friday)
  6. Sabtu (Saturday)
  7. Minggu (Sunday)

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