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Colors in Indonesian

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Colors in Indonesian
  • Red → Merah
  • Orange → Jingga
  • Yellow → Kuning
  • Green → Hijau
  • Blue → Biru
  • Purple → Ungu
  • Pink → Merah jambu or pink
  • Gray → Abu-abu
  • Brown → Coklat
  • Black → Hitam
  • White → Putih

To describe light and dark hues of colors in Indonesian, these two words can be used:

  • Muda, meaning "light", and
  • Gelap, meaning "dark" or "deep"

For instance:

  • Light blue = Biru muda
  • Dark blue = Biru tua

Describing Colors and Objects

The simplest way to express a colored object is to add the color adjective behind the object. Here are some examples:

  • A green book → Buku hijau
  • A black wall → Dinding hitam
  • Two yellow tables → Dua meja kuning
  • Five red shirts → Lima baju merah
  • Twenty light blue pants → Dua puluh celana biru muda

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