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Let's Count from 0 to 10 in Indonesian

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Want to learn how to count in Bahasa Indonesia so you can communicate with locals? This post has got you covered!

Let's Count from 0 to 10 in Indonesian
Featured article photo: Candi Borobudur in Central Java, Indonesia by Marjo Groenewegen

0. Nol / Kosong

To start off, there are two ways to say zero in Indonesian: Nol and Kosong.

For example:

  • Nilai ujian mereka nol. / Their exam marks are zero.
  • Nomor telepon saya kosong-satu-dua-... / My phone number is zero-one-two-...
Kosong is commonly used when reading out a series of numbers, such as in phone numbers. Which reminds me... after learning how to count from 0 to 10, you may also want to check out this post below on the Indonesian phone number format: 

Okay, let's get back to the numbers for now. Here we go!

1. Satu

e.g. Satu apel / One apple

2. Dua

e.g. Dua rumah / Two houses

3. Tiga

e.g. Tiga televisi / Three televisions

4. Empat

e.g. Empat orang / Four people

5. Lima

e.g. Lima jendela / Five windows

6. Enam

e.g. Enam ranjang / Six beds

7. Tujuh

e.g. Tujuh piring / Seven plates

8. Delapan

e.g. Delapan baju / Eight shirts

9. Sembilan

e.g. Sembilan meja / Nine tables

10. Sepuluh

e.g. Sepuluh lusin / Ten dozens

Lessons on Indonesian Numbers

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