How to Say Thank You and You're Welcome in Hokkien

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How to Say Thank You and You're Welcome in Hokkien

Kamsia → Thank you

Kamsiā (感谢) is a simple, polite expression to say “thank you” in Hokkien. It literally means “feeling thankful”, and this is a very common way to say “thank you” in any Hokkien-speaking part of the world.

Tohsia → Thank you very much

To'hsiā (多谢) is frequently used in Taiwan and it means “thank you very much”. Hokkien speakers in Singapore, Penang, and Medan do not typically use this phrase to say thanks.

Mien khekkhi → You're welcome

The most common way to respond to a “thank you” is Mién khe:'kkhī, which is equivalent to 別客气 (bié kèqì) in Mandarin. It literally means “No need to be courteous/modest”, but it is generally intended to mean “You're welcome”.

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