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23 Household Vocabularies in Hokkien

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23 Household Vocabularies in Hokkien


  1. Bedroom = Pāngkeng (房間)
  2. Bed = Mīnchńg / Bīnchńg (眠床)
  3. Pillow = Cìmtháu (枕頭)
  4. Bolster = Lamcìm
  5. Blanket = Phōitoa
  6. TV = Tiensì (電視)
  7. Table = Toktèng
  8. Chair = Kāu-ì (交椅)
  9. Wall = Piak (壁)
  10. Wallpaper= Pia'kcuà (壁紙)
  11. Floor= Thō:kha (地下)
  12. Mirror = Kiā (鏡)
  13. Bathroom = Cuìpáng (水房) / Cāng-e'k-keng
  14. Sink = Sechiù-phún
  15. Toothpaste = Gēko (牙膏)
  16. Towel = Mōkin (毛巾)

I know how to say these words in Hokkien since I grew up speaking it, but I'm not the most well-versed when it comes to finding equivalents to their Chinese characters! Also, Hokkien and Mandarin Chinese aren't always directly translatable. Feel free to leave comments below if you know how these words would look in Chinese characters.


  1. To sleep = Khūn (困)
    e.g. Khūn khi mīnchńg
    = To sleep on the bed

  2. To wake up = Khun chè
    e.g. Cakhì khun chè
    = To wake up in the morning

  3. To lie down = The (躺)
    e.g. The uān thō:kha
    = To lie down on the floor

  4. To shower / take a bath= Cāngcuì (澡水) / Cāng-e'k
    e.g. Cāngcuì iōng siōcuì (澡水用燒水)
    = To shower / take a bath with warm water

  5. To brush one's teeth = Sègé (洗牙)
    e.g. Bōi khūn ē sí sègé (未困的時洗牙)
    = To brush one's teeth before sleeping

  6. To wash one's face = Sèbīn (洗牙)
    e.g. Khunchè liàu sèbīn
    = To wash one's face after waking up

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Anonymous wrote:

You forgot to include the word for "toothbrush". I don't know what you guys call it in Medan, but in Singapore Hokkien, people say "khi-bin".

To the reader above: Yes, Medan Hokkien calls "toothbrush" similarly as well. I'm adding the word to the list:

  1. Toothbrush = gē-bín

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