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About Me


There are 10 active blogs in this website

There are two main sections in LingoNomad, one has to do with languages (and by extension, cultures) and another one that doesn't. Here are the 5 blogs under the Languages (and Cultures) section:


  1. French
  2. Korean
  3. Indonesian
  4. Hokkien
  5. Singapore

Non-Language Blogs

As I mentioned earlier, initially, I only wanted to write about languages. However, I found it rather limiting as I felt like there are other things I would like to share, which may be helpful to some readers. Here I'm listing 6 main Non-Language Blogs that I'm taking care of along with their descriptions, to help me keep track of them as well as to introduce them to visitors of this website. 

  1. Tech: Occasionally, I purchase some tech gadgets that warrant some photos and reviews in how they're useful to me. In this blog I'm also sharing tech how-tos, tips and tricks on Windows and Macbook operating systems that may be of help!

  2. Canada: Here I'd be sharing general information on things like how to rent a place, cost of living, how transit is like, and more. Canada is huge, and since I have the most experience with Vancouver, BC, this is where I'll be writing about.

  3. UBC: For those who don't know, UBC is a public university in Vancouver, BC, Canada. For anonymity reasons, I won't disclose whether I'm an alumni or a current student, but there were a lot of things I learned throughout my time at UBC Vancouver that new students wouldn't know about (such as how to apply into a major, getting student housing, etc.), and I'll be sharing those experiences in this blog.

  4. TV & Movies: Reviews and casual comments on TV/Netflix shows or movies I watched. I've certainly watched way more series than I have written about them, but I do post from time to time here. 

  5. Blogging: In this blog I'd be writing about my experience creating content and making websites. In my years of dealing with websites, I have used numerous online services, whether it be hosting, domain registrars, freelancing platforms, payment platforms, and many other related services... There have been a lot of decision making that I had to do, and I'd be reviewing them here.

See You Around!

I've activated the comment section in all of my posts throughout LingoNomad. If there is anything you'd like to share regarding any of the posts you come across, feel free to leave comments! I do read them and I'll try to help out if I can by answering questions you may have. You can also message me privately through the Contact page. In any case, I'll see you around!

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