How to Stack Your Life Advantages to Move Abroad

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How to Stack Your Life Advantages to Move Abroad

From my experience, I find there are 9 advantages in life you can use to move abroad: Your citizenship, finances, ancestry, age, health, relationships, skills, education, or languages. (More on this in Chapter 1—you are now reading Chapter 11.

Long story short, you need to STACK the advantages you have and then USE them in your favor.

Here are a few examples of how you can use your life advantages to obtain visas or residencies abroad:

  • To obtain a Working Holiday Visa, you need to stack your advantages of citizenship + age + language.

  • To obtain Permanent Residency, you need to stack your advantages of age + education + language + skills + finances.

To obtain a Work Visa, you can leverage many things:

More examples:

To obtain a Golden Visa, you will have to leverage your finances.

And of course, health is something that you need for all of the above.

You can also get a Citizenship by Descent right away in some countries by leveraging only ancestry.

There are many more creative ways to STACK all of these life advantages, depending on the country you want to move to.

Think in abundance, since you have more cards to play with than you think you do.

But if you still don't feel that way...

Suffice to say, you don't cut it.

You don't have what it takes to move abroad... at least for now.

If you don't have the advantages of citizenship, health, age, language, ancestry; nor the advantages of wealth, relationship, skills, or education that are suitable for your destination country...

You still have the advantage of time.

It's easy to look at another person who moved abroad and label them as "privileged", but this isn't a productive mindset at all.

Everyone is on a different clock.

The person you think is "privileged"... Who knows if they're going to be around for another 3 years? Another 5? Maybe they won't be around anymore next week.

Who knows.

And you, you may think that you're "underprivileged"...

But you might live for another 50, 75 years.

So who actually has the true privilege here?

When you have nothing else to leverage...

Leverage your advantage of time for education.
Then, leverage your time and education for more skills.
And then, leverage your time, education, and skills for wealth.
And leverage all of that to get to where you want to be.

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