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4 Tips to Deal with Jet Lags

Getting jet lag, i.e. 'physically confused and mentally disoriented' is among one of the last things you would want when you're out on a vacation or a business trip. Let's get you ironed up physically and mentally with these 4 tips to beat jet lags so you can get right down to your travel checklists!
4 Tips to Deal with Jet Lags

Published by The LingoNomad

1. Set the rhythm early

When you're headed to a place where the time zone will change significantly, set your watch and your phones to your destination's time zone when you're in the plane. You'd want to do this as early as before take-off, or after the seat belt signs are turned off and the flight crew begins modeling down the aisle with their pushcarts. This way, you're getting an early headstart in influencing your internal clock for it to adjust, mentally preparing you to offset potential jet lags when you arrive.

2. Stay hydrated

Jet lags are usually made worse if your body is dehydrated. So, when the pushcart passes by you, do what you can to get plenty of fluids in your system while you're up in the air.

Sufficient water, juices, tea, and a cuppa coffee can do wonders. Though if you're having tea or coffee, make sure you don't go overboard, else they may become diuretic and dehydrating, prompting you to bother the passenger(s) next to you who's been trying to sleep just so that you can go to the lavatory every hour!

3. Get your muscles moving

One of the best ways to prevent jet lag to set in is to get your body moving. When you're walking up to the lavatory, stretch. When the plane arrives and everyone gets up to reach for their bags, stretch. When you get off the plane, stretch. Wiggle your toes and legs, move as much as you can throughout and after the flight to refresh the blood flow in your system. Once you check into your room, a few sets of squats or jumping jacks will help snap your body out of its unhealthy-sedentary mode from sitting for hours. 

4. Reset your body clock

When traveling for an extended period of time, try resetting your body clock within the first one-two days after touchdown. Shut the curtains and go to bed at 10 p.m. even though it's only 3 p.m. where you come from. Your body will thank you for the remaining two weeks of your trip. If you find it hard to sleep, relax and give it time. Be kind to your body and allow it as much time as it needs.

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