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3 Things I Like About iOS 14

When I saw the promo for iOS 14, I was excited and eager to install the update because we have been stuck with pretty much the same look since iOS 7 as far as I can remember. Here are 3 things I liked about iOS 14 so far.
3 Things I Like About iOS 14

Published by The LingoNomad

Featured article photo: iPhone X on iOS 14, by Thom Bradley (CC0 Licensed)

1. New Widgets Display

The new iOS 14 boasts the new customizable widget display feature. This means you can now customize your apps screen with widgets of various sizes to your liking. I felt this feature would give my iPhone a fresher look after being stuck in a similar look for many generations of iOSes now, and this alone was actually a good enough reason for me to make the upgrade.

Here's how the new display could look like.

The widgets are customizable, so you could definitely afford to be less boring than what I've gone for here and display slideshows of your photos, your calendar, or your calorie tracker, or the news... I'm sure in weeks or months to come, lots of apps will be piggybacking on this widget feature to take up your screen space. 


2. Banner Phone Calls

Another thing I'd consider a big upgrade in iOS 14 is that phone calls now don't take up the whole screen, and instead, only appear as banners like how text messages would.

This is big because I find phone calls used to be very interruptive in earlier iOS versions. I could be crafting a message, or looking at some important information that could have some benefit if only I looked at it a few seconds longer before being interrupted by a phone call that would take up the whole screen.

3. Inline Replying in iMessage

If you have used other messaging apps like WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger, then you would have probably been used to their inline replying features, whereby you could long tap on a message, and your reply would be attached to a quoted display of the message you are replying to.

This is especially useful in group messages, or when you need to make replies to a number of questions posed to you. It's excellent that with the upgrade to iOS 14, those of us who use iMessage will have this feature at our disposal.

Are There Any Glitches?

I upgraded my phone to iOS 14 pretty early on after its release, probably within 24 hours after it was available. Personally I don't think I have encountered any meaningful glitches after the upgrade, and I don't feel my iPhone has slowed down because of it, so it's all in all pretty great so far.

Learn More

The official webpage on iOS 14 certainly described more features that come along with the upgrade, many of which I don't use, but you might. Head down to the official iOS 14 webpage to learn more about what else your iPhone could do after the upgrade.

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