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I Use an Amazon Smart Plug to Help Me Wake up in the Mornings

I Use an Amazon Smart Plug to Help Me Wake up in the Mornings

Published by The LingoNomad

Not too long ago, I moved into my new apartment in the winter, meaning that I could wake up at 7+ a.m. and it would still be dark outside. Now, I don't know if it's just me, but knowing it's time to wake up just isn't enough sometimes, especially when it's still dark and the blanket wrapping around me refuses to let me up. This led me to lying down on my bed for an extended period of time, knowing if I could just turn on the lamp in the corner of my room, I'd wake up much more easily.

The lamp I have in the corner of my room has a conventional switch, meaning I had to... conventionally approach it to either toggle with the switch or plug it into the wall. It's a dilemma I had to face when waking up in the mornings, whether I should stay in bed longer or motivate myself to get up and turn on the lamp. So I searched for a solution.

At first, I thought about getting a Smart Bulb—basically a bulb that connects to your phone and you can turn it on or off remotely, but after further research, I came across something more flexible and useful for my needs.

It turns out that Amazon sells a Smart Plug, which is basically a wall plug that connects to your phone as well as to Alexa (to an Echo Dot in my case), so you can turn on the plug by using your phone as a remote or by using a voice command to Alexa.


You do not need to have an Echo Dot to use the Smart Plug, having only the Amazon Alexa app on your phone will suffice. However, being able to connect the plug with an Alexa-enabled device does make the Smart Plug experience more seamless since you can turn it on or off with voice commands.

Also, lamps aren't the only thing you can use with the Smart Plug—the possibilities are endless, really. Basically, anything that you connect to the wall, you can connect it to the Smart Plug, say, electric fans, space heater, phone chargers,...

So anyways, these days, whenever I need the lamp turned on after I wake up, I just need to say:

"Echo, turn on the lamp."

"Okay." Echo would respond, turn on the lamp, and I'd get out of bed without much complaints because getting enough light in the mornings really does matter in helping me (properly) wake up.


My voice command "Echo, turn on the lamp" isn't what you have to stick with by default!

I named my Smart Plug "lampe" in the Amazon Alexa app, so that's what I'm using in my voice command. If you were to name your plug "fan", or "heater", or whatever it is you name it, then that's the name you'd use in your voice commands towards Alexa.

So how does the Amazon Smart Plug work?

  1. Step one, of course, is to get the Smart Plug. As far as I know, Amazon and Best Buy sell them.

  2. Step two, download the Amazon Alexa app on your phone and log into your Amazon account.

  3. Step three, plug the plug into the wall while having the app turned on.

    Amazon Smart Plug 02

  4. Step four, a prompt should automatically appear in your app. Getting the plug connected to the app was super simple—just follow the prompt and that's it!

    As I mentioned above, you can rename the plug into anything you want, but keep in mind that it affects your voice command to your Alexa devices. For example, if I were name the plug "Bedroom Light" as shown below, I would have to tell my Echo Dot, "Echo, turn on the Bedroom Light."

    Amazon Smart Plug 04
  5. That's it! If you do not have an Echo Dot or if you prefer to turn the plug on using your phone, you can!

    Amazon Smart Plug 03

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