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Months of the Year in Korean

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If you know how to count from 1 to 12 in Sino-Korean numbering system, then you're more than halfway there to knowing how to recite all the months of the year in Korean!

Months of the Year in Korean

"Month" in Korean is wol (월). All you need to do is pair the numbers 1 to 12 in the Sino-Korean numbering system with this word, and you're all set!

If you are not yet familiar with the numbering system in Korean, here are some resources you can check out:

Months of the Year in Korean

  1. Il-wol (일월) 'January'
  2. I-wol (이월) 'February'
  3. Sam-wol (삼월) 'March'
  4. Sa-wol (사월) 'April'
  5. O-wol (오월) 'May'
  6. Yu-wol (유월) 'June'
  7. Chil-wol (칠월) 'July'
  8. Paek-wol (백월) 'August'
  9. Gu-wol (구월) 'September'
  10. Si-wol (시월) 'October'
  11. Sip-il-wol (시일월) 'November'
  12. Sip-i-wol (시이월) 'December'

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