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Colors in Korean

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Colors in Korean

First of all, let's take a look at the most important word in this post:

Saek (색), meaning “color”

The word Saek (색) follows a color adjective when used to describe the color of an object. If you know how to describe colors in a Chinese language such as in Mandarin, chances are this lesson would be easier to follow as the grammar would likely be familiar to you.

Colors in Korean

  • Red → Bbalgan-saek (빨간색)
  • Orange → Juhwang-saek (주황색)
  • Yellow → Noran-saek (노란색)
  • Green → Chorok-sek (초록색)
  • Blue → Paran-saek (파란색)
  • Purple → Bora-saek (보라색)
  • Pink → Bunhong-saek (분홍색)
  • Gray → Hoi-saek (회색)
  • Black → Geomjeong-saek (검정색)
  • White → Hayan-sek (하얀색)

Describing Colors and Objects

When describing a color of by an object, say the color first and then followed by the object. You can drop Saek (색) if you prefer. Here are some examples:

  • A green book → Chorok-saek chaek (초록색 책)
  • A black car → Geomjeong cha (검정 차)
  • An orange door → Juhwang mun (주황색 문)
  • A red table → Bbalgan-saek teibeul (빨간색 테이블)

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