4 Ways to Say “I Hope So” in French

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It's important to learn how French native speakers pepper their speech with natural expressions like “I hope so”, instead of only saying “Oui, oui” all the time! Let's explore 4 ways to express “I hope so” in French.

4 Ways to Say “I Hope So” in French
Featured article photo: Québec City, Québec by Sondoce (Unsplash License)

1. J'espère que oui

J'espère que oui literally means “I hope yes”. In English, the intended equivalent meaning is “I hope so”.

2. Je l'espère

Another way to say “I hope so” is je l'espère, which is the contracted form of je le espère or je la espère. This phrase literally means, “I hope for that (to happen)”.

3. J'espère bien

This phrase is not quite as easily translatable into English, but people also do use j'espère bien to mean “I hope so”.

4. Je l'espère bien

Finally, you can also use je l'espère bien, which is essentially a combination of je l'espère and j'espère bien.

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