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Review: A 3-Night Stay at Panda Pod Hotel, Greater Vancouver BC

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Panda Pod Hotel is the first pod-style hotel in Greater Vancouver. 

It is relatively more affordable compared to a full-sized hotel room without compromising too much privacy, and I would say it's quite a decent option for solo travellers to Vancouver.

Review: A 3-Night Stay at Panda Pod Hotel, Greater Vancouver BC
Photos by Ryan from LingoNomad (2023)

What Is a Pod-Style Hotel?

If this is your first time to come across the term "pod-style" hotel, worry not, I've got you.

pod-style hotel, sometimes known as a capsule hotel, is an accommodation similar to hostels where guests share common living spaces, but each of them would have a private sleeping unit with their own bed, lighting, power outlets, and privacy curtains. See photos below for examples!

Size of Panda Pod Units

When making a booking at Panda Pod Hotel, you will have the option to choose whether you prefer the top or the bottom bunk. The above photo was taken from the top bunk, and I do prefer it as it feels more private. 

The size of each Panda Pod unit is 200 cm x 110 cm x 110 cm, or around 6'6.7" x 43" x 43".

Panda Pod Hotel in Greater Vancouver

6940 No. 3 Rd
Richmond, British Columbia V6Y 2C5

1. Comfort The mattress and blanket were comfy.
2. Location Good. About 8-minute walk to Richmond Centre and the Richmond-Brighouse Skytrain Station. 6 Skytrain stops away from YVR Airport.
3. How to Make a Booking Direct from hotel website (usually cheaper). Compare with Agoda.
4. Check-In and Guest Services Friendly staffs, had a nice chat.
5. Amenities Decent. A luggage locker, a small locker, a shoe locker, and a towel are provided. Each pod has a privacy screen, a hanger, power outlet, a small flip-down desk, and a small fan.
6. Privacy and Quiet Neighbouring guests were respectful. No bothersome noises throughout the nights during my stay.
7. Cleanliness Washrooms were clean. Well-lit and quite well-maintained.
8. Overall Value with Consideration of Pricing Great. More affordable compared to hotels, yet still offers a private resting space.

Check-In at The Panda Pod Hotel

Panda Pod Hotel Welcome Sign

Upon check-in, a staff will give you a quick tour around the facility. You will be provided with three lockers that you can lock and unlock with a fob key:

  1. You will get a shoe locker for your shoes. Around the area past the front desk, you will be expected to switch into facility-provided sandals to enter into the area where the pods are, as well as the washroom. You can switch back into your shoes by this locker when leaving the facility.

  2. You will also get a small locker for smaller items. You will find your towel and a bottle of water in this locker.

  3. Under your pod unit where your bed is in, there will be a luggage locker that you can use as well. If your luggage fits in a plane's overhead compartment, it should fit inside the locker. If you have a bigger luggage, you can leave it with the front desk (there might be small fee).
Panda Pod Hotel Check-In
Panda Pod Hotel in Greater Vancouver
Panda Pod Hotel Lockers

Comfort and Amenities

Here are some photos of how it looks inside the pod. There is a mattress and a pillow, a hanger for your towel (which is provided upon check-in), a small electric fan, a power outlet, and lighting (which you can turn on or off anytime you want). 

Inside the Pod Unit of Panda Pod Hotel

On the side of the pod unit, next to the power outlet, there is a flip-down table that you can open up.

Flip-Down Table Inside a Panda Pod Unit
Flip-Down Table Inside a Panda Pod Unit
Flip-Down Table Inside a Panda Pod Unit

Privacy and Quiet

Each pod unit also comes with a privacy screen. During my 3-night stay, my neighbouring guests were respectful and there wasn't any bothersome noises that woke me up during the night. I also left the electric fan inside my pod on, which kind of serves as a white noise when I sleep. 

Panda Pod Hotel Privacy Curtain / Screen

Location of The Panda Pod Hotel

Another thing that I would say is a plus from my experience staying at Panda Pod is its location. It's only about 8-minute walk from Richmond Centre (it's a pretty huge shopping mall), which is just across the Richmond-Brighouse Skytrain Station.

As shown in the map below, the Richmond-Brighouse Skytrain Station is 6 stops away from the YVR–Airport Station, and it is on the same Skytrain Line that goes all the way up to Vancouver City Centre (Downtown Vancouver). 

A map of Metro Vancouver's Skytrain Stations by Zacharycmango (CC BY-SA 4.0 License)

Washroom at The Panda Pod Hotel

The washroom inside the Panda Pod Hotel is pretty clean and well-lit. You do have to share, but there are private toilet and shower stalls you can use. There is also a hair dryer provided.

Panda Pod Hotel Washroom
Panda Pod Hotel Shared Washroom

Top Bunk or Bottom Bunk?

Personally, I prefer the top bunk, but keep in mind that it can be quite tall so you have to be okay with climbing up and down the bunk.

Panda Pod Hotel Top Bunk
Panda Pod Hotel Units
Panda Pod Hotel Units