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3 Fun Facts About the Main Street-Science World Station in Vancouver, BC

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Fun Fact 1:

The Main Street-Science World Station first began operation in 1985. It is part of Vancouver's Expo Line SkyTrain rapid transit system that connects Downtown Vancouver all the way down to the city of Surrey.

3 Fun Facts About the Main Street-Science World Station in Vancouver, BC
Photo by Ryan from LingoNomad (November 2021)

Fun Fact 2: Location

The Main Street-Science World SkyTrain Station is located near the False Creek waterfront next to Pacific Central Station, a railway station (not part of the city's SkyTrain infrastructure) that travels to eastern Canada, as well as down south to the US cities of Seattle and Portland.

The station is also located near the Olympic Village, which served as the athlete's village during the 2010 Winter Olympics held in Vancouver. The area offers a picturesque waterfront setting, trendy shops, and dining options.

Fun Fact 3: Science World

The station is named after Science World, a popular science center and museum located nearby. Science World features interactive exhibits, educational programs, and an iconic geodesic dome structure that has become a recognizable landmark in Vancouver.

It is also a not-for-profit attraction featuring exhibitions and interactive galleries around the themes of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Design, and Math).

Science World, Vancouver BC